What and Why

This yet another blog is going to be a logbook of my trials and errors in finding a successful project (or maybe some projects). By “successful” I mean profitable, useful for millions of people and interesting for me. I have many ideas, but they are just nothing without real implementation. So it’s time to check out whether they have a right to exist.

Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of resources: I can make any progress only in my spare time and I don’t have any appropriate investments (either my own or attracted) so far. I don’t even have any partners helping me. Pretty typical, right? 😉 Anyway let’s see where it takes me. He who climbs the mountain will master the road.

Well, I actually have one asset. I’m a software developer, so there is some experience in creating web applications that I have.

My first step is to prepare a scaffold app to be reused in all the projects. It should support authentication and related stuff (register, update password, restore credentials), user profile page, multiple-language support. I don’t have a lot of time to make things properly, so I expect that technical debt will only grow at the very beginning. But done is better than perfect. And I’m going to concentrate more on delivery than polishing stuff until it gets unnecessary. I have already tried multiple similar starterkits, but haven’t yet found anything to satisfy the requirements. So looks like it’s a necessary step. I’m going to have it ready till May, 16 (in a month) and if it’s not so dirty, I will probably share the source 😉

I’m also going to publish some indicators along the way. I’m not guarantee to have them accurate, but plus-minus they are going to reflect the reality. So here are the initial values:

Time spent: 1h
Money spent: $0
Money earned: $0

Why am I doing it? Because I expect that other people might give me good advice. Also probably this blog will help me to find like-minded people, that could be either my partners, suppliers or just friends.

So here we go.